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At Woodlands Park Nursey School, we use Tapestry to record some of your child’s key learning. We invite you to join Tapestry so you can see a snapshot of their development over time, through the wonderful opportunities at our School. This will be in addition to the conversations you have with your child’s Key Person, particularly during their termly Special Week. 

At Woodlands Park Nursey School, we value our work with parents as partners, and hope that you enjoy sharing these photos and videos with your child. This will enrich their learning, by encouraging them to reflect on their experiences as they tell you all about what they have been learning. We would also be delighted if you can share some family experiences outside of school via Tapestry, to enable the Key Person to develop a greater understanding of your child’s interests and experiences, and enhance the positive relationships. Parent contributions to Tapestry are also a valuable opportunity for the child to share special moments with their Key Person and peers at Talking Time.

tapestry parent introduction.pdf


If you cannot open the video above, use the link below to access the playlist

Using Tapestry as a parent/relative