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Services and Partnerships

Drop-in servces
Pre-booked sessions
Workshops & Courses

Drop-In services

We have several services that you can just come along to. They are for parents and children under 5 (unless stated otherwise), free to attend and run 48 weeks a year, including during school holidays. Please look at our timetable for specific times.

Stay & Plays are for children 0-5 years and their families. They are an opportunity for you and your child to play together, make new friends, speak to staff and access other services e.g. behaviour support, play and learning, speech and language, nursery support, housing etc. Sessions take place at Woodlands Park (48 weeks a year) and at South Harringay (term-time only). To enable all of our families to access our groups, we do have to limit each family to two groups per week. 
Currently we have 3 stay & play sessions a week: Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, and Wednesday morning at South Harringay (9:30 -11:15).

Little Footprints is for children  0 – 18 months and their families, where you and your child play together, make new friends, speak to staff and access other services e.g. weaning, breast feeding, supporting your child’s sleeping, etc.  

Singing & Music is a session for children 0 – 5 years and their families. It’s a great place to learn new songs, join in the music and dance your feet away.

Outdoor Explorers - Come with your little ones to learn about plants and seeds, how the seasons change the garden, and how we can use the things that grow. Bring your wellies, waterproofs and get digging.

Breastfeeding Support We provide information and support around breast feeding for mothers. Sessions are led by trained and experienced breastfeeding support volunteers. (Please note that sessions are women-only)

Toy Library (CARIS) is a fortnightly session where you can come to borrow toys for free, bring them back after two weeks and then borrow some more.

Baby Weighing Clinic takes place on the first Thursday of every month from 1:00 – 2:45pm. Babies are weighed by staff members and Health Visitor Assistants and their weight is plotted in your child’s Red Book. If you have any concerns about your child’s weight you will be referred to the Health Visitors.

Pre-booked sessions

Kitchen Club is a place for you and your children (0 - 5 years) to learn new recipes, take part in cooking sessions and then join in the community lunch. Places need to be pre-booked at Reception.

Antenatal/Postnatal appointments are provided by midwives from both North Middlesex and Whittington Hospitals and are delivered at Woodlands Park Children's Centre. This is an invite-only service.

Health Visitor Team 1 & 2 year old checks are invite-only appointments where families join the Community Nursery Nurse from the Health Visiting Team to discuss their child’s developmental progress.

New Parents Group is for first time parents of children under 6 months offering a range of information and support such as: sleeping, routines, feeding, play, weaning and well being etc.

Workshops & Courses

Introduction to Solids sessions with the Health Visiting team provide support, advice and guidance on weaning your baby on to solid foods. These sessions take place on a termly basis.

Parent Workshops are provided by our Early Intervention and Outreach Practitioners. We offer a range of workshops covering: Learning Through Play (supporting your understanding of your child’s development), Positive Parenting (looking at different types of children’s behaviour, setting positive limits & boundaries) and Transitions (supporting your child’s move to Nursery or School). Please see upcoming workshops for the Summer Term 2019.

New Parents Group is for first time parents of children under 6 months offering a range of information and support such as: sleeping, routines, feeding, play, intro to solids and well being etc.

Access to Partner-run Parent Programmes - These are provided by a range of professionals e.g. CAMHS, Family Support Workers. There are various parenting programmes such as: Triple P, Strengthening Families & Strengthening Communities and Webster Stratton. These programmes cover a range issues around parenting and how to build the relationship between parent and child e.g. behaviour, development, strategies etc. The programmes are between 12-14 weeks in length and are delivered from different Children’s Centres across the year.

Access to HENRY Programme - This is a parenting programme specifically looking at healthy lifestyles for you and your child. This is a 12 week course covering areas such as health, healthy eating, nutrition, diet etc. The full title is Health Exercise, Nutrition for the Really Young.