Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre

Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre


Our History and Environment

Woodlands Nursery School and Children’s Centre is at the heart of diverse and vibrant South Tottenham.

Since opening in 1977 we have been providing outstanding early education, childcare, information and support for our local community. In 1997 the centre was given Early Excellence status by the Government.  In 2000 the West Green and Chestnuts Sure Start Local Programme funded an extension to the front of the nursery centre to provide additional services to families and the local community.  In 2005 we became a designated children’s centre.  Over the years we have developed a fantastic learning environment for children (both indoors and outdoors).

What is a nursery school?

We are a Local Authority maintained nursery school and part of Haringey’s family of schools. We provide education and other services throughout the year to children who are under-five and their families. We are run by qualified teachers and early years educators who have specialist expertise in supporting young children. Nursery schools have pioneered the idea that integrating care, early education and family support services for children and their families supports the best outcomes for young children.

What is a children’s centre?

As a Children’s Centre we bring together a range of services for children under five and their families such as family support, health, education, high quality childcare, information and support.  Integrating services that are linked to the overall care of children supports children’s growth, development and well-being.  As a Children’s Centre we work with children and families from and, in many cases, even prior to birth and target the most vulnerable. 


A particular strength of the Centre is that the integrated provision is overseen by a single leadership and governance structure and this contributes to highly effective and responsive support for families which in-turn enables them to achieve very good outcomes.

History and Environment - Old photos